Children's Eyewear Accessories: Ficklets Sale!

If your child wears glasses and wants to add a little personality to them, check out the Ficklets sale now!  Ficklets are interchangeable eyewear charm huggers for kid's glasses that will make ordinary glasses turn into fun glasses!  The selection of frames for children are now better than ever but with Ficklets, your child can take something they like and add a cute eyeglass accessory to their glasses.

Purple/Green Swirl Pink/Yellow Swirl  
Glitter-Sparkle $2.99 *Click for full collection*Silver-Turquoise Heart
Each of the sale items are $4.50 or less!

While you are checking out the sale items, don't forget to browse through our other great selections for both boys and girls!

Choosing Eyewear for Children

Searching for the right pair of eyeglasses for your child can be a daunting task.  I know personally because my eight year old needed glasses earlier in the year, I had no idea what to look for other than what might draw her interest.  I worried about the stigma she might feel having to wear glasses for the first time so my idea was to ensure she was happy.  After now realizing they might be too tight for her, I would have been better equipped had I knew a little more about choosing eyewear.  All About Vision has a great article on choosing the correct pair ranging from lens thickness to fashion to everything in between.  Once you are armed and ready to visit the eye doctor, you get to help your child figure out fashion over practicality.  

Among some of my favorites are these from Revolution Kids, Lafont and Guess Kids:


There are not many options to jazz up glasses but there are things such as choosing a great frame along with Ficklets for adding charm hugger wow as an eyeglass accessory for kids glasses.  Ficklets provide a great selection of flowers, exotic animals, pets and many others, it might give your children the extra nudge to love their glasses.  

Exotic Pets  Assorted

No matter what frame they wear, kids are just adorable in glasses.

Photo Courtesy of Bethel Vision Center, Inc.

A fun, fashionable, fresh twist to eyeglasses!

~Judy Joyce, Facebook Community Manager

Show Us Your Twinkle Eyes Contestants and Winner

Last week, Ficklets named the winner for the first ever Facebook contest Show Us Your Twinkle Eyes.  We had a wonderful response and were truly humbled by the adorable pictures submitted by both our young fans and even our grown up fans.  The pictures included beauties and cuties but one picture captured the heart of the most votes.  

Congratulations to all our entries and our winner, Benji!

Festive Holiday Designs

Ficklets are really for any occasion and with the holidays and winter weather upon most of us, there are a great selection of Ficklets to warm your little one's while giving their glasses some pizzazz.  Ficklets are interchangeable eyewear charm huggers to dress up your little one's glasses.

There are selections for boys and girls and even sunglasses for us women who like some bling.  Check them out on the Ficklets' website.

Ficklets Gives a Choice

If your child has to wear glasses, they may not like them.  They might think they are boring or ugly.  Having something to create a little personality is where Ficklets comes in.  Giving children a choice to add these eyeglass accessories to their glasses might offset some of the negativity.  Ficklets allows children to choose from a selection of great shapes to fit a little bit of themselves.  They are interchangeable and easy to affix to a pair of glasses.  These cute eyewear charm huggers are perfect to give glasses a new look.  

See some of our happy Ficklets wearers:


Ficklets Shapes & More

We have many different varieties of Ficklets for your children's glasses. Check out some of these designs and visit us at Ficklets for more great shapes to fit your child's personality and more!

ficklets footballficklets snowflakeficklets flowerficklets puppyficklets daisyfickletsbutterfly
ficklets flower 2ficklets heartficklets blue flowerFicklets lipsFicklets Picnik collage