Kids that Wear Glasses More Likely to Pass Classes

Did you know that kids that wear glasses are more likely to pass classes?  According to optometrist Bruce McNeel, in an effort to get parents to have their children's eyes tested, children's eye exams should be a standard back to school ritual.  Sight is involved in more than 80% of learning which equates to trouble if your child is one of the children having difficulty seeing.  Dr. McNeel furthers his efforts by teaching that children should have an eye exam by age three (unless issues are detected earlier).

Some warning signs that your child might be suffering from vision problems include the following:

Children could be suffering from myopia (short-sightedness) if they:
  • SIT closer than two metres away from the TV
  • Position themselves closer than 40 cm from a computer screen
  • HOLD reading materials very close to their face
  • SQUINT when trying to view distant objects and read a whiteboard

Signs eyes may be fatigued and strained:

  • RUBBING eyes

Children may have vision-related problems if they regularly:

  • SKIP lines when reading
  • LEAVE out or confuse small words when reading
  • TURN or tilt their head to use one eye only
  • ARE often clumsy
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