Give A Wink: A Charity Giving to Children's Eye Health

Ficklets enjoys hearing stories of good deeds and when it involves the eyes, our ears definitely perk up.  Children are our greatest resources for the future and should be afforded every opportunity for good health.  We heard about a business called Give Wink which is located in North Miami Beach.  Started by a mom, Francine Delarosa, Give Wink is a full service children's store that offers a wide selection of furniture, bedding, room decor, toys, games and more.  From that, Give a Wink was born.  Give a Wink is a charity started by Francine because she believes that the “eyes are the windows of the world.” 

Francine gives back to her community by donating a full eye exam and prescription glasses to a child in need from each sale of $100.  This wonderful concept does not costs the customer anything extra as once a customer purchases at least $100 of product(s), the charity begins. 

To donate money or prescription glasses to Give Wink, or find out more information about the charity or Give Wink products, please visit

Ficklets are eyewear charm huggers to help kids love their glasses.


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The first time I saw “Ficklets” on twitter, I had to find out what they were. I found out, they are not only fun to say, but fun to wear.Ficklets are charms for eyeglasses, invented by Ros Guerrero.  Inspired by her daughter Gem, one morning Ros looked across the breakfast bar counter at her, and the only part of her face she could see were her eyeglasses. She thought, those frames need some jazzing up. The idea for Ficklets was born.

Ros describes herself as a “serial entrenpreneur”. After spending 10 years in both retail and wholesale in the European luxury business, she and husband Roy became parents to Gem. They learned early on that she was born with a disability and starting their own business would be the best option for the family. For almost 7 years, Ros experienced commercial and residential investing, window treatment design and even was partners in a nail salon. Ficklets was the “a-ha” moment she was searching for.  After extensive market research, and a final prototype, they concluded that there was no concept like Ficklets in the market place. Her confirmation came when Gem wore them to school and came home with a note from the teacher saying her eyeglass charms got tons of attention from students and staff. 

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Public Health Resources for Vision Care

If you are in need of some assistance with vision care or need some information, check out these great resources:

Healthy Eyes Healthy People® InfantSEE® Vision USA

Community Health Centers – partnering with the National Association of Community Health Centers, the AOA is working to improve access to center eye and vision care services.

Healthy Eyes Healthy People® – Healthy Eyes Healthy People® is an ambitious public-private initiative to improve the eye and visual health of the American public.

InfantSEE® – affords a one-time, comprehensive eye assessment at no cost for infants in their first years of life. 

VISION USA™ – helps low-income, uninsured people and their families by providing basic eye health and vision care services free of charge. 

Optometric Disaster Relief Fund – offers optometrists financial assistance for damages incurred from natural disasters.

*Information courtesy of Arizona Optometric Association

Ficklets are eyewear charm huggers to help kids love their glasses. 

First Eco Kids Ophthalmic Collection for Children

Photographed by Matt Lambros/Black Box Studios

Interested in non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials in your children's glasses?  Want the most eco-friendly glasses you can find?  Look no more as Modo has presented the first Eco Kids ophthalmic collection for children between the ages of 8 and 12 designed to match the Eco collection but with a playful touch. 

“We are thrilled to enter the kids category with Eco. It is certainly a great tool to educate children on actions that can improve our planet,” said Alessandro Lanaro, CEO of Modo. “We feel very proud of leading the sustainable category in the eyewear industry.” 

With over 11 styles, Eco Kids have created a new line of glasses that have specs such as a soft oval made of recycled acetate or thin square unisex frames made of recycled stainless steel.  

The collection reflects the many features of Eco which is an UL Environment Validation certifying the products are made from a minimum of 95% recycled stainless steel or acetate.  

When you are ready to exchange the old glasses, there is a system to donate unwanted frames via a mail in recycling program.  Each frame comes with a case made with recycled polyethylene terephthalate (soda bottles) and a box made with recycled paper and printed with soy ink.  Also, with each purchase, a tree is planted with Trees for the Future which is a non-profit.

Importance of Good Vision Health

Vision health is an important part of one's life and is often overlooked until an obvious problem presents itself.  Given January is National Glaucoma Month, it's an ideal time to get those peepers checked!  My eight year old was diagnosed with an optic pit and required glasses almost a year ago.  I had no idea as she never had any complaints but when the headaches started and her school work started to slip, I knew it was time to get her eyes checked.  If you are like me and you didn't really know a lot about vision tests and how to choose the right doctor, you can check out the Zeiss educational tools

I did learn that once you reach age 40, you might become one of most adults who suffer from presbyopia which is a result of crystalline lens of the eye losing its flexibility making it difficult to focus up close.  

Do you know the differences between an optometrist, ophthalmologist and an optician?  Sounds confusing doesn't it?  The optometrist performs the eye exams and writes the prescriptions.  They can also diagnose and treat some medical conditions of the eye.  An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who can treat a full range of eye diseases and conditions.  They also perform surgery for cataracts and other eye conditions.  An optician fills the prescription.

Some other common vision problems include:

  1. Nearsightedness – condition in which visual images come to a focus in front of the retina, causing blurry distance vision
  2. Farsightedness – condition in which visual images come to a focus behind the retina making it more difficult for the eyes to focus on near objects
  3. Astigmatism – condition in which the cornea's curvature is asymmetrical, so light rays are focused at two points rather than one, resulting in blurred vision

Make sure you are getting your annual eye exam and check out the resources to help ensure you pick out the right doctor!

Children: Contact Lenses and Emergency Room Trips

Photo courtesy of Cute Kids Glasses

Last year, Pediatrics published a story from the American Academy of Ophthalmology in which they reviewed emergency room medical records from over 100 hospitals between 2004 and 2005.  They found that nearly 34,000 cases a year were due to contact lens injury in children and teens.  The majority were with teens in the 16 and 21 years category with 11 and 15 years olds second.  This was an interesting study as I had no idea how many children were and are injured by contact lens wear.  One thing noted is it didn't mention if these lenses were prescription or those fashionable, trendy over the counter ones you can purchase to alter the appearance of the eyes.

To me, this is alarming and perhaps a renewed look has to be done on proper education for children acquiring a contact lens prescription.  I myself, will hold off a bit longer for my eight year old.  I think it's definitely something she should be older for and of course, dependent on the maturity level of the child.

Does your child wear contact lenses and if so, how old is he/she when they started to wear them?

Ficklets Featured on Little Four Eyes

 Ficklets is very honored to be featured as part of the Little Four Eyes directory of blogs and bloggers focusing on children's vision and eyeglass products.  Little Four Eyes is a community for family and friends of little ones in glasses, contacts or patches.  There are great tips and resources if your child is new to glasses or have been wearing them for awhile.  They are also on Facebook.

Take a minute and check them out and see what an invaluable resource they are!  

Thank you for including Ficklets.


Ficklets are eyewear charm huggers to help kids love their glasses.

Specialized Eyeglasses for Children with Special Needs by Specs4Us

If your child is a special needs child, did you know there are eyeglasses that cater to their unique needs?  Specs4Us carry eyeglasses for children with Down Syndrome and other special needs.  Specs4Us was created and founded in 2004 by Maria Dellapina with over 25 years in the optical industry.  Maria is also the mother to a child with Down Syndrome.  After spending two years trying to find the right frame,  she used her own experience to finally create this unmet need.  "Erin's World" is the frame line inspired by her own daughter.  

The frame has a bridge that is adjusted to fit smaller noses and the temples (also called arms) are designed to stop the frames from slipping.  They are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit toddlers through adult.  Here is a sample of available frames:

Model 11S
Model 12

Vintage Eyeglasses: Making a Come Back?

Rare Vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses Eyeglasses Big Round Cats Eye Shape Are you a fan of vintage eyeglasses?  If so, you might want to check out some of these cute designs.  Whether it's the cat eyeglass frame or the horn rimmed, there are so many styles to choose from if you are feeling a bit nostalgic.  I was surprised at how many vendors there are still carrying this great supply, and sometimes not so great, array of vintage eyeglasses.  I even found vintage eyeglasses for children if they have a feel for the good ol' days.

One thing I noticed about the vintage eyeglasses are the rhinestones used.  Why did they ever go out of fashion as us women love our bling.  They do seem to be a bit more flashy in some instances but the classic horn shaped seemed to be the most popular based on all those old high school photos.  If you are in the market for vintage eyeglasses, just search "vintage eyeglasses" and you will find a ton of stores that should be able to cater to all your needs!

Vintage 50s Yellow Cateye Eyeglasses Frame NOS Vtg Cat Eye Eyeglasses Eyewear Blue Tura Frame NOS 

Ficklets are eyewear charm huggers to help kids love their glasses.

Books for Children Who Wear Eyeglasses

Being a child can be difficult at times let alone when one has to wear glasses.  It can be a huge adjustment trying to figure out how to tell them that they are no different than anyone else just because they have to wear glasses.  We all know that kids can be cruel at times and when you wear glasses, you can become a target.  Having glasses is not always bad especially thanks to characters like Harry Potter who made it cool to wear glasses.  I really like seeing more popular shows and movies have kids that wear glasses to get rid of the stigma behind it.

Having some good books on hand might also help to show children that glasses are nothing other than something to help people to see.  When my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy, I went out and bought a ton of books.  How would I explain it to her?  How would I understand it myself?  Books!  That is the beauty of books and this is no different with eyeglasses.  Later, my same daughter required glasses so what did I do?  I turned to books.

Here is a list of some of my favorites:

Arthur's Eyes: Book & CD

Arthur's Eyes: Book & CD is a cute book that tells the story of Arthur and how he was before he needed glasses and after he received them.   It also has the aspect of being teased and how he coped with it.  It's a must have for the little one with new glasses.

I Need Glasses: My Visit to the Optometrist
I Need Glasses: My Visit to the Optometrist is a wonderful book that explains to the first time child who is visiting an optometrist on what to expect.  It explains the Snellen Chart, autorefractors and other pieces of equipment.  Since this is National Eyecare Month, it's perfect for prepping your child for his or her annual exam.

Luna and the Big Blur: A Story for Children Who Wear Glasses Revised Edition

Luna and the Big Blur: A Story for Children Who Wear Glasses Revised Edition is a great book to explain what glasses are and the eyecare exam.  It has wonderful illustrations and helps to break down the stigma with wearing glasses.

Blueberry Eyes

Blueberry Eyes is another great book that tells the story of a little girl, Meaghan, who has eye problems starting at a very young age.  From wearing an eye patch to surgery and then glasses, it provides another look for children to understand they are not alone when it comes to eye issues.  It's ideal if you have a child facing eye surgery.

Ficklets are eyewear charm huggers to help kids love their glasses.

Why is the Snellen Chart Still Used?

For well over 148 years, the Snellen Chart is the most used and practical screening device used to help test vision.  You would think that after all the technological advances, we would have surpassed to something a bit more advanced.  The reason why is simple.  It's accurate.  Why not use something that is easy to use and inexpensive especially when it's accurate?  

The main problem with the Snellen Chart is cannot always detect farsightedness which is also trouble seeing things up close or those that have trouble aiming both eyes at a near target.

Doctors suggest if your child is having difficulties at school or if you experience the following in your child, see an eye doctor.  
  • Tilting the head when focusing
  • Excessive squinting
  • Headaches after short periods of focusing or reading
  • Holding books too close or too far away
  • Trouble reading and/or resistance to school work

The other problem with the Snellen Chart is it's as good as the subject can verbally relay cues which is not very good for babies and toddlers.

The take away, eye exams should be performed and since this is National Eye Care Month, it's a good time to get in for those eye exams.

Ficklets are eyewear charm huggers to help kids love their glasses.

Kids Eyeglass Trends 2012

Do you have a child who wears glasses?  There is a stigma behind wearing glasses that can keep children reluctant in wanting to wear them.  Now with so many choices, glasses can actually be very fashionable or even cool. Whether they are a boy or a girl, the options are amazing nowadays.  Here are some of the 2012 trends in eyewear for kids from Harley-Davidson, Converse, Lucky Brand, Vera Bradley and more.

Harley Davidson
Converse Lucky
Vera Bradley
Guess Liberty Sport

Thanks to EyeMasters for the pictures.

Ficklets are eyewear charm huggers to help kids love their glasses.

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Ficklets are eyewear charm huggers to help kids love their glasses.

Eye Activity Sheet

If your child wears glasses or is about to, here is a great activity sheet to help explain the eye.  The American Optometric Association has a wealth of information on their website.  From eye and vision problems to good vision from infancy through adulthood, there is so much information that will help with your eye health and explain any issues you might have.

Ficklets are eyewear charm huggers to help kids love their glasses.

Valentine's Day

I just read an article that said 50% of people participate in Valentine's Day which is a pretty good number.  When I think of Valentine's Day, I think of two groups:  couples and children.  I remember the fun of Valentine's Day and exchanging Valentine's Day cards at school.  It was nearly as exciting as Christmas.  With Valentine's Day around the corner as it really is if you are purchasing anything online due to increased shipping costs if you don't plan, I put together some cute Valentine's Day gift ideas if you are buying your little Valentine something special.

Some children just don't like wearing glasses and I found with my own daughter, giving her things that accentuate them helps in the like department.  Whether it's a book, a new case or whatever it might be, it helps to take the discomfort level off of the glasses.  Mine just received a new case and loved it.

This Cartoon Red Heart Eyes Sunglass Holder will work perfect for your little girl's glasses or sunglasses.  Available in red or black.

Cartoon Red Heart Eyes Sunglasses Holder Eyeglasses Case Pink Red Heart Eyes Detail Black Plastic Case Plain Glasses Eyewear Holder

I thought these were perfect for the older girl or even the love of your life.  Luxury Divas has a good selection of cases.

Red Croco Embossed Sunglass Eyeglass Case (MS00179) Hot Pink Eyeglass Case W/Black Skull & Cross Bones (MS00181)

If your little one plays with dolls, these little doll glasses would be perfect.


Can't forget the Hello Kitty with glasses tote bag either or the teddy bear!

Hello Kitty Red Heart Glasses Tote [Apparel] 
Dino Toys Netherlands Dutch Bear wearing Metal Glasses

What are some of your tips for helping your children cope with wearing eye glasses?  Do you make special purchases to get them to like them more?

Ficklets are eyewear charm huggers that easily slip on to the frame of glasses.  They come in a variety of shapes and styles to include fashionable hearts just in time for February!

Silver-Turquoise Heart Red Velvet Heart Silver Filigree Heart

Valentine's Day Fun with Ficklets

I know that there is still plenty of time for Valentine's Day but considering it is just next month, here is a cute EYE-dea for Valentine's Day that my eight year old and I put together using Heart Ficklets.  Ficklets are very cute eyewear charm huggers for kids glasses but to be honest, us adults can wear them too.  See?  Those are my sunglasses!  Not very stylish but I grabbed an older pair to show how cute they are!  She wanted to put one on her pencil to really have some heart appeal.

With Valentine's Day coming up, there are other great variations to choose from so just click on Heart Ficklets to check them out!

Pink Sparkle Heart Red Velvet HeartSilver-Turquoise Heart