Books for Children Who Wear Eyeglasses

Being a child can be difficult at times let alone when one has to wear glasses.  It can be a huge adjustment trying to figure out how to tell them that they are no different than anyone else just because they have to wear glasses.  We all know that kids can be cruel at times and when you wear glasses, you can become a target.  Having glasses is not always bad especially thanks to characters like Harry Potter who made it cool to wear glasses.  I really like seeing more popular shows and movies have kids that wear glasses to get rid of the stigma behind it.

Having some good books on hand might also help to show children that glasses are nothing other than something to help people to see.  When my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy, I went out and bought a ton of books.  How would I explain it to her?  How would I understand it myself?  Books!  That is the beauty of books and this is no different with eyeglasses.  Later, my same daughter required glasses so what did I do?  I turned to books.

Here is a list of some of my favorites:

Arthur's Eyes: Book & CD

Arthur's Eyes: Book & CD is a cute book that tells the story of Arthur and how he was before he needed glasses and after he received them.   It also has the aspect of being teased and how he coped with it.  It's a must have for the little one with new glasses.

I Need Glasses: My Visit to the Optometrist
I Need Glasses: My Visit to the Optometrist is a wonderful book that explains to the first time child who is visiting an optometrist on what to expect.  It explains the Snellen Chart, autorefractors and other pieces of equipment.  Since this is National Eyecare Month, it's perfect for prepping your child for his or her annual exam.

Luna and the Big Blur: A Story for Children Who Wear Glasses Revised Edition

Luna and the Big Blur: A Story for Children Who Wear Glasses Revised Edition is a great book to explain what glasses are and the eyecare exam.  It has wonderful illustrations and helps to break down the stigma with wearing glasses.

Blueberry Eyes

Blueberry Eyes is another great book that tells the story of a little girl, Meaghan, who has eye problems starting at a very young age.  From wearing an eye patch to surgery and then glasses, it provides another look for children to understand they are not alone when it comes to eye issues.  It's ideal if you have a child facing eye surgery.

Ficklets are eyewear charm huggers to help kids love their glasses.

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