Why is the Snellen Chart Still Used?

For well over 148 years, the Snellen Chart is the most used and practical screening device used to help test vision.  You would think that after all the technological advances, we would have surpassed to something a bit more advanced.  The reason why is simple.  It's accurate.  Why not use something that is easy to use and inexpensive especially when it's accurate?  

The main problem with the Snellen Chart is cannot always detect farsightedness which is also trouble seeing things up close or those that have trouble aiming both eyes at a near target.

Doctors suggest if your child is having difficulties at school or if you experience the following in your child, see an eye doctor.  
  • Tilting the head when focusing
  • Excessive squinting
  • Headaches after short periods of focusing or reading
  • Holding books too close or too far away
  • Trouble reading and/or resistance to school work

The other problem with the Snellen Chart is it's as good as the subject can verbally relay cues which is not very good for babies and toddlers.

The take away, eye exams should be performed and since this is National Eye Care Month, it's a good time to get in for those eye exams.

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