Ficklets' 5 Year Anniversary Giveaway: 5 Pairs Ficklets, $75 Amazon GC & Xia-Xia Pets 4/21

This is no April Fool's joke!  Ficklets is celebrating five years in business!  Ficklets are the first patented interchangeable eyewear charm huggers that fit on children's glasses.  There are so many shapes and themes to choose from that will leave your child wanting more.  Even though it's our anniversary, you will receive the gifts!  As part of our celebration, we are thanking our customers and fans by giving you this great prize pack:

  • Five Pairs of Ficklets (winner's choice)
  • $75 Amazon e-Gift Card
  • 3 Xia-Xia Pets Plus Additional Shell Accessories

To Enter:

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New Eye Device to Detect Brain Tumours

A new prototype device is in use in the UK at Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital which will detect brain tumours and other serious conditions in those most vulnerable.  What doctors have learned about vision is that problems with peripheral vision can be an early indicator to something more serious such as stroke, brain damage, tumors and other conditions that can lead to blindness.   Old devices to measure peripheral vision relied on a button response to stimuli while sitting still.  The i2eye device uses infra-red LEDs and a camera to record actual eye movement.

For this reason, it can be used on the rest of the population that was unable to push a button and sit still like children or other adults.  Peter Estibeiro, chief executive officer of i2eye diagnostics, said: "The eye tracker unit is watching your eyes, using your natural reactions to movements on the screen so it can build up a standard visual field map."  This is great news for parents concerned and unable to have the proper testing done due to a child's age or ability to respond to instruction.

Since the announcement of the launch of i2eye Diagnostics Limited on March 19th, they expect to launch their first product within the next six months.

Perfect for Spring: Ficklets

Clocks are changing this weekend signifying that spring is right around the corner.  With spring comes all the flowers and butterflies and beautiful weather.  Ficklets has an array of wonderful shapes and themes to put a little "spring" into your little one's eyeglasses.

Check us out at!

Free Storybook App: Randy Kazandy Where are Your Glasses

Auracle - Randy Kazandy Where are your Glasses? - New Storybook Apps for Kids

Randy_Kazandy_imageThis month, Auryn Apps celebrates reading with a free book app  every day. Today’s storybook app is a brand new app: "Randy Kazandy, Where are your Glasses?" , a book app aimed at helping kids all around the nation adjust to eyeglasses in a fun and clever way.
Auryn Apps Celebrate reading: 1 new title FREE every day in March!
From iTunes:
Featured by countless media sources like the NY Times and NBC, and praised by celebrities like Oprah, Rachael Ray, Ellen DeGeneres, Dr. Phil, Elton John and Laura Bush.
To read more just click on the link below: 

Ficklets Sale

If you haven't checked out Ficklets yet, now is the time to see some of the cute styles on sale!  Ficklets are the first interchangeable eyewear accessories that hug your little one's glasses.  They can also be placed on sunglasses and include styles for both boys and girls.

Click here to find the latest sale on Ficklets.