Nonsurgical LASIK Alternative Has Children Seeing Clearer

Most likely, everyone has heard of LASIK by now to include the old cartoon from the Simpson's showing the neighbor in the future blind due to his LASIK.  Luckily, that cartoon prediction hasn't transpired yet and many people are benefiting from a new treatment called corneal reshaping or Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT).  It's the latest FDA approved treatment that helps those with blurry vision see with 20/20 vision.  It differs from LASIK in that it's not a surgical procedure and is considered more controlled.

By wearing contact lenses at night, it slows and in some cases, prevents nearsightedness in children too.  LASIK is only for adults so this is a new procedure option for children.  The process begins when the optometrists maps the cornea which is the eye's most outer lens to measure the steepness.  The way CRT works, is the steeper the cornea, the worse the vision is so when the customized lenses are fitted to the eye, it can reshape and flatten them overnight.  The downside is the patient has to continue to wear the lenses at night or the effects will revert.  Its average cost is $1800.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this article with us about lasik for children! A family member was just telling me I should get all laser lasik done for my preteen. So I have been online reading articles on it and doing some research because I know they are really tired of glasses and contacts, that's how I came across your blog. I'm happy I did because it was very informative and helpful, thank you again for sharing!

  2. This is fascinating news! I will have to bring this up to my class because we are starting to talk about visual perception and the effects of these types of therapies and surgeries. Does the therapy produce the same results that a Laser Vision Correction surgery would yield? I am glad that there are alternative vision correction therapies out in the world. Children shouldn't have to experience surgery at such a young age.