New Eye Device to Detect Brain Tumours

A new prototype device is in use in the UK at Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital which will detect brain tumours and other serious conditions in those most vulnerable.  What doctors have learned about vision is that problems with peripheral vision can be an early indicator to something more serious such as stroke, brain damage, tumors and other conditions that can lead to blindness.   Old devices to measure peripheral vision relied on a button response to stimuli while sitting still.  The i2eye device uses infra-red LEDs and a camera to record actual eye movement.

For this reason, it can be used on the rest of the population that was unable to push a button and sit still like children or other adults.  Peter Estibeiro, chief executive officer of i2eye diagnostics, said: "The eye tracker unit is watching your eyes, using your natural reactions to movements on the screen so it can build up a standard visual field map."  This is great news for parents concerned and unable to have the proper testing done due to a child's age or ability to respond to instruction.

Since the announcement of the launch of i2eye Diagnostics Limited on March 19th, they expect to launch their first product within the next six months.

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