Do High Tech Changes Hurt Children's Eyes?

I've often wondered and was just speaking about the high tech revolution causing other health issues down the road.  Not only are we becoming an increasing internet dependent society but we are also increasing the number of gadgets to include an array of gadgets decreasing in size.  This new revolution maybe cool and upcoming but what will all these changes do to our children's eyesights?  Health experts are warning us that all this tech work on computers, tablets and other gadgets can lead to eye strain and fatigue.  It's not just at home we have to be concerned with as schools are jumping on the bandwagon replacing traditional learning tools with computers and other technology over books, paper and pencils.  

This syndrome is being coined computer vision syndrome and can encompass many symptoms that include blurred vision, headaches, loss of attention, neck pain and more according to Dr. Andrea Thau of the American Optometric Association.  The reason it's a problem is when we view a computer screen, it's flat and not 3-D.  “It's flat and it's glowing, and it tricks the eye into thinking something is closer than it is… it often sets up an imbalance between eye coordination and focusing," stated Thau.

As with adults, she recommends taking a 20 second break every 20 minutes as well as making sure the screen is four to five inches below eye level.

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