Eye Controlled Computer Games for Disabled Children in the Works

Great news for children with disabilities who might not otherwise be able to use a mouse or a keyboard but want to play computer games.  Scientists at a university in the United Kingdom are developing new computer games that can be controlled by eye movements.  This will allow children who are severely disabled to play games.  Stephen Vickers, research lead, stated eye control "adds a whole new level of intelligence to games”.
Using eye tracking as a way of interacting with devices has been explored for a number of years, he noted, but his project is developing a more accessible, low-cost system, which will bring games into the reach of disabled children who cannot operate a mouse or keyboard.  They will be able to “push” buttons and direct a character by looking at different points on the screen.  In a spaceship game, he said, players can fire a gun by staring at a button.
In case you were wondering how it works, eye tracking uses an infrared light to identify where the eyes are looking and thus can measure the movements as the person looks around a computer screen.  By focusing on the on screen button, it simulates the same as using a mouse and cursor for the click button.
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