Vision App: Five Reasons for Having an Eye Examination

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Apps are every where you turn.  There is an app for about everything under the sun so it didn't surprise me there is an app for vision and it's called Vision by AppZap.  For a simple 99 cent download, it provides information and help, tests and fun and eye exercises.  I haven't tried it out yet but I think it is one I will try for the eye exercise component.

I checked out the customer reviews and they have an overwhelming great response to the medical categorized app.

There is even an app to produce a Snellen Chart.  It's strongly suggested that it's not an entertainment app rather one for doctors and other medical care professionals.  EyeChart is a free app.

Have you tried any eye specific apps?  If so, please share what you thought about them and if there is one that isn't listed, share that!  

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