Vintage Eyeglasses: Making a Come Back?

Rare Vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses Eyeglasses Big Round Cats Eye Shape Are you a fan of vintage eyeglasses?  If so, you might want to check out some of these cute designs.  Whether it's the cat eyeglass frame or the horn rimmed, there are so many styles to choose from if you are feeling a bit nostalgic.  I was surprised at how many vendors there are still carrying this great supply, and sometimes not so great, array of vintage eyeglasses.  I even found vintage eyeglasses for children if they have a feel for the good ol' days.

One thing I noticed about the vintage eyeglasses are the rhinestones used.  Why did they ever go out of fashion as us women love our bling.  They do seem to be a bit more flashy in some instances but the classic horn shaped seemed to be the most popular based on all those old high school photos.  If you are in the market for vintage eyeglasses, just search "vintage eyeglasses" and you will find a ton of stores that should be able to cater to all your needs!

Vintage 50s Yellow Cateye Eyeglasses Frame NOS Vtg Cat Eye Eyeglasses Eyewear Blue Tura Frame NOS 

Ficklets are eyewear charm huggers to help kids love their glasses.