Valentine's Day

I just read an article that said 50% of people participate in Valentine's Day which is a pretty good number.  When I think of Valentine's Day, I think of two groups:  couples and children.  I remember the fun of Valentine's Day and exchanging Valentine's Day cards at school.  It was nearly as exciting as Christmas.  With Valentine's Day around the corner as it really is if you are purchasing anything online due to increased shipping costs if you don't plan, I put together some cute Valentine's Day gift ideas if you are buying your little Valentine something special.

Some children just don't like wearing glasses and I found with my own daughter, giving her things that accentuate them helps in the like department.  Whether it's a book, a new case or whatever it might be, it helps to take the discomfort level off of the glasses.  Mine just received a new case and loved it.

This Cartoon Red Heart Eyes Sunglass Holder will work perfect for your little girl's glasses or sunglasses.  Available in red or black.

Cartoon Red Heart Eyes Sunglasses Holder Eyeglasses Case Pink Red Heart Eyes Detail Black Plastic Case Plain Glasses Eyewear Holder

I thought these were perfect for the older girl or even the love of your life.  Luxury Divas has a good selection of cases.

Red Croco Embossed Sunglass Eyeglass Case (MS00179) Hot Pink Eyeglass Case W/Black Skull & Cross Bones (MS00181)

If your little one plays with dolls, these little doll glasses would be perfect.


Can't forget the Hello Kitty with glasses tote bag either or the teddy bear!

Hello Kitty Red Heart Glasses Tote [Apparel] 
Dino Toys Netherlands Dutch Bear wearing Metal Glasses

What are some of your tips for helping your children cope with wearing eye glasses?  Do you make special purchases to get them to like them more?

Ficklets are eyewear charm huggers that easily slip on to the frame of glasses.  They come in a variety of shapes and styles to include fashionable hearts just in time for February!

Silver-Turquoise Heart Red Velvet Heart Silver Filigree Heart

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