Children: Contact Lenses and Emergency Room Trips

Photo courtesy of Cute Kids Glasses

Last year, Pediatrics published a story from the American Academy of Ophthalmology in which they reviewed emergency room medical records from over 100 hospitals between 2004 and 2005.  They found that nearly 34,000 cases a year were due to contact lens injury in children and teens.  The majority were with teens in the 16 and 21 years category with 11 and 15 years olds second.  This was an interesting study as I had no idea how many children were and are injured by contact lens wear.  One thing noted is it didn't mention if these lenses were prescription or those fashionable, trendy over the counter ones you can purchase to alter the appearance of the eyes.

To me, this is alarming and perhaps a renewed look has to be done on proper education for children acquiring a contact lens prescription.  I myself, will hold off a bit longer for my eight year old.  I think it's definitely something she should be older for and of course, dependent on the maturity level of the child.

Does your child wear contact lenses and if so, how old is he/she when they started to wear them?


  1. you have to be very careful when your children are using the Contact Lenses because they don't know how to take the safety measures so it will be better not to use the lens for children.

  2. I agree - mostly children have not aware of contact lenses, like usages, problems, etc., so parents give the right information for contact lenses to children when contact is wanted.