Give A Wink: A Charity Giving to Children's Eye Health

Ficklets enjoys hearing stories of good deeds and when it involves the eyes, our ears definitely perk up.  Children are our greatest resources for the future and should be afforded every opportunity for good health.  We heard about a business called Give Wink which is located in North Miami Beach.  Started by a mom, Francine Delarosa, Give Wink is a full service children's store that offers a wide selection of furniture, bedding, room decor, toys, games and more.  From that, Give a Wink was born.  Give a Wink is a charity started by Francine because she believes that the “eyes are the windows of the world.” 

Francine gives back to her community by donating a full eye exam and prescription glasses to a child in need from each sale of $100.  This wonderful concept does not costs the customer anything extra as once a customer purchases at least $100 of product(s), the charity begins. 

To donate money or prescription glasses to Give Wink, or find out more information about the charity or Give Wink products, please visit

Ficklets are eyewear charm huggers to help kids love their glasses.

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